ETL/DWH Testing

The GUI is in most cases given the most emphasis by the respective test managers as well as the development team members since the Graphical User Interface happens to be the most visible part of the application. However what is also important is to validate the information that can be considered as the heart of the application aka DATABASE.Database Testing is checking the schema, tables, triggers, etc. of the database under test. It may involve creating complex queries to load/stress test the database and check its responsiveness. It Checks data integrity and consistency.

  • 35 Sessions (1 hr Per Day)
  • Monday – Saturday
  • Classroom Training
Complete Course Description: Download Here
Syllabus Coverage
  • SQL - MS SQL Server - Hands on
  • DWH Concepts
  • Data mart
  • Dimensional Modelling
  • DIM & FACT tables
  • Slowly changing Dimensions
  • ETL Project Architecture
  • Types of ETL Projects
  • ETL Testing - Hands on
  • ETL Testing Approaches & Techniques
  • Working with various Data Mapping documents
  • Data validation between Source & target
  • Test Data & Test case Preparation
  • Logging ETL Testing Defects
  • Popular ETL Tools in the market
  • ETL Tool - Informatica Hand's on
  • Real Time Project - Hand's on
About Trainer:
  • 12+ years of Real time working experience in ETL/DWH/BI testing in software industry.
  • Strong experience in working with various ETL projects(Data Centric, Data warehouse, Data Migration, Data Masking, etc) using ETL/BI tools (Informatica, Ab Initio, SSIS, OBIEE, SSRS, etc).
  • 9+ years of Classroom/Online Training experience on ETL/DWH/BI testing and trained over 2000+ students with Real time ETL projects.
Benefits for Trainees:
  • You will see Less theory More Practical
  • Strong in writing SQL Queries
  • Practical knowledge on DWH (DIM & FACT tables)
  • Good understand on Data mapping Documents
  • ETL Test data & Test case Preparation
  • Real time Project - hand's on
  • Expert in Data validation between Source & Target using Except/Minus Queries
  • ETL Tool - Informatica
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Questions & Answers
  • Mock Interviews
Materials to Trainees:
  • Course material - soft copy
  • Exercises - basic to Complex
  • Sample Project with documentation
  • Sample Data Mapping & Design Docs
  • Sample Resumes
  • Interview Questions & Answers
  • Class Recordings (Only for Online)


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